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PP-R pipe fitting

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Specification:PPR pipe Fitting
Key Specifications/ Special Features:
1. Top quality imported material from Korea
2. Top quality with heavy weight
3. Product standards: Din8077-8078
4. Product pressure grade: PN25mPa
5. Production temperature: -40 to + 95 degrees C
6. Product colors: green, white, gray, or any colors required by clients
7. Product dimensions: 20 to 160mm

1. Potable water pipe networks for cold and warm water installations of residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings and shipbuilding
2. Pipe networks for rainwater utilization systems
3. Pipe networks for compressed air plants
4. Pipe networks for swimming pool facilities
5. Pipe networks for solar plants
6. Pipe networks in agriculture and horticulture
7. Heating pipes for residential housing
8. Pipe networks for industry, transport of aggressive fluids ( acid, alkali)
9. Transport of liquid foods

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Zhuji 311814, Zhejiang
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